Feasibility Studies, Grant Applications

  • Feasibility study performed for OPIC for proposed rice mill project in Indonesia. Study was a market and technical feasibility study.
  • Feasibility study completed for a large Indonesia based company to determine the economic and technical feasibility of constructing a farming and rice processing business and facilities in Cambodia.
  • Feasibility study to install corn fractionation, sonics, biomass burners, etc in (6) existing ethanol plants.
  • Feasibility study on establishing biodiesel production facilities in Arkansas. Resulted in the Arkansas Legislature passing a tax credit for biodiesel use in the state and subsequent construction of biodiesel facilities in Arkansas.
  • Multiple feasibility studies for biodiesel facility proposals for purposes of finance and capitalization.
  • Feasibility study for Soybean extrusion plant for specialty soymeal and soy oil products. Working with Winrock International successfully obtaining grant for excess of $300,000.
  • Feasibility study and grant applications for Silica and Carbon extraction plant from rice hull ash resulting in partnering of startup firm and 70 year old company to form joint venture using solid waste revenue bonds, infrastructure grants, and private financing to construct plant.
  • Feasibility study, capital cost estimates and construction management to secure financing and form partnership between Japanese Trading Company and U.S. company to design, construct and operate largest rice oil extraction plant in the United States.
  • Feasibility study, capital cost estimates and construction management to secure financing and form partnership between two U.S. companies to build the largest rice hull gasification and cogeneration plant in the United States. This project also resulted in significant revenue from gasification tax credits extending until 2007.
  • Feasibility study and grant application assistance with Winrock International on projects in Nigeria for value added processing of rice soybeans.


Corn Ethanol

  • Contract to install a wet fractionation system at an existing corn ethanol plant in central Iowa.


Rice Milling


  • Designed and installed rice mill in Nicaragua.
  • Designed two large capacity rice mills in Indonesia.
  • Renovated White Rice Mills with new rough rice cleaning, shelling, paddy separation, bran removal, and grading equipment, increasing capacity and efficiency.
  • Designed and installed "package" quality brown rice production system.
  • Renovated parboil rice mills with new rough rice cleaning, shelling, paddy separation, bran removal and color sorting equipment, increasing capacity, quality and efficiency.
  • Improved milling yields through rice recovery systems in bran and hull streams.
  • Modified operating procedures and product flow to improve milling yields and enhance efficiency.
  • Designed and installed plant automation systems to improve product consistency and lower labor cost.
  • Designed and installed air pollution control systems.


Rice Farm Development


  • Development of rice farm in Papua New Guinea.
  • Working with associates developed a plan for modernization of the rice breeding program, farming practices, irrigation systems in Guyana.
  • Developed with associates a rice farm on virgin ground in Akwai Bom State, Nigeria.
  • Developed with associates a plan for revival of a 10,000 hectare rice farm in Surinam.
  • Our associates have developed rice farms in Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Nigeria, Bangla Desh.




  • Designed patented processes for production of parboiled rice products.
  • Improved energy efficiency of parboiling and drying with heat recovery equipment and by improving existing equipment and controls.
  • Completed multiple capacity increase projects with capital improvements to steeping, cooking and drying processes.
  • Improved yield through process modifications and control systems.
  • Designed and installed plant automation systems to improve product consistency and lower labor costs.
  • Designed and installed air and water pollution control systems.
  • Redesigned rough rice pre-cleaning to improve quality and enhance yields.
  • Designed and installed new parboil plant in India.


Paddy Rice


  • Designed and installed various technologies of green rice dryer systems.
  • Designed and installed farm drying and storage systems.
  • Designed and installed slip form concrete storage systems.
  • Conducted research programs to determine optimum drying and storage parameters to maximize rice yields and quality.
  • Designed and installed temporary storage facilities.
  • Designed and installed rough rice handling systems.




  • Installed product protection systems including magnets, metal detectors, check-weighers, and cleaning systems.
  • Installed high speed form fill and seal machines for rice packaging.
  • Installed high speed bulk bagging systems.
  • Installed automated case packers, bale packers, baler and case sealers and automatic palletizers.
  • Designed Order Driven Manufacturing system for packaged goods production, warehouse storage, and shipping.
  • Design and install specialty rice packaging equipment.


Specialty Rice Processing


  • Responsible for rice flour production plant installation and multiple plant capacity increases.
  • Installed rice flour product protection systems for microbial and foreign material.
  • Designed and operated plant for production of extruded rice cakes and conventional rice cakes.
  • Knowledgeable about different production systems for quick cooking rice.
  • Conducted product development on producing extruded rice based snacks.
  • Design and install instant rice processing plants.