Rice Milling

    • Designed and installed rice mill in Nicaragua.
    • Designed two large capacity rice mills in Indonesia.
    • Renovated White Rice Mills with new rough rice cleaning, shelling, paddy separation, bran removal, and grading equipment, increasing capacity and efficiency.
    • Designed and installed "package" quality brown rice production system.
    • Renovated Parboil Rice mills with new rough rice cleaning, shelling, paddy separation, bran removal and color sorting equipment, increasing capacity, quality and efficiency.
    • Improved milling yields through rice recovery systems in bran and hull streams.
    • Modified operating procedures and product flow to improve milling yields and enhance efficiency.
    • Designed and installed plant automation systems to improve product consistency and lower labor cost.
    • Designed and installed air pollution control systems.



    Rice Farm Development

    • Development of rice farm in Papua New Guinea.
    • Working with associates developed a plan for modernization of the rice breeding program, farming practices, irrigation systems in Guyana.
    • Developed with associates a rice farm on virgin ground in Akwai Bom State in Nigeria.
    • Developed with associates a plan for revival of a 10,000 hectare rice farm in Surinam.
    • Our associates have developed rice farms in Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Nigeria, Bangla Desh.



    • Designed patented processes for production of parboiled rice products.
    • Improved energy efficiency of parboiling and drying with heat recovery equipment and by improving existing equipment and controls.
    • Completed multiple capacity increase projects with capital improvements to steeping, cooking and drying processes.
    • Improved yield through process modifications and control systems.
    • Designed and installed plant automation systems to improve product consistency and lower labor costs.
    • Designed and installed air and water pollution control systems.
    • Redesigned rough rice pre-cleaning to improve quality and enhance yields.

    • Designed and installed new parboil plant in India.


    Paddy Rice

    • Designed and installed various technologies of green rice dryer systems.
    • Designed and installed farm drying and storage systems.
    • Designed and installed slip form concrete storage systems.

    • Conducted research programs to determine optimum drying and storage parameters to maximize rice yields and quality.
    • Designed and installed temporary storage facilities for paddy rice.
    • Designed and installed rough rice handling systems.


    Specialty Rice Processing 

    • Responsible for rice flour production plant installation and multiple plant capacity increases.
    • Installed rice flour product protection systems for microbial and foreign material.
    • Designed and operated plant for production of extruded rice cakes and conventional rice cakes.
    • Knowledgeable about different production systems for quick cooking rice.
    • Conducted product development on producing extruded rice based snacks.
    • Design and install instant rice processing plants.


    Rice By-Products Processing

    • Managed and supervised fast track project to install and have operational two hull burning projects (excess of $17,500,000) in less than one year.
    • Responsible for design and operation of first commercial rice bran oil extraction plant in the U.S.
    • Designed and operated stabilized rice bran production plants for oil extraction and human foods uses.
    • Installed various feed manufacturing systems using hammer mills, blending equipment, and pelletizing equipment.
    • Responsible for specialty silica production from rice hulls.
    • Research on resin and board production from rice hulls and other agricultural fibers.




    • Installed product protection systems including magnets, metal detectors, check-weighers, and cleaning systems.
    • Installed high speed form fill and seal machines for rice packaging.
    • Installed high speed bulk bagging systems.
    • Installed automated case packers, bale packers, baler and case sealers and automatic palletizers.
    • Designed Order Driven Manufacturing system for packaged goods production, warehouse storage, and shipping.
    • Design and install specialty rice packaging equipment.