• Managed and supervised rice parboiling and milling facilities operating at rates of 250 cwt./hr. - 1,500 cwt./hr.
  • Designed quality control programs for all phases of operations.
  • Designed and implemented safety policies and procedures reducing accident frequencies and severity.
  • Prepared and implemented product protection programs such as HACCP.
  • Developed and implemented operator training manuals.
  • Conducted operator training sessions.
  • Developed management and supervisory training programs.
  • Developed computerized inventory control programs and systems.
  • Developed cost control programs for production operations.
  • Developed preventative maintenance programs.


Equipment Procurement

  • Responsible for procurement of equipment for capital budgets of over $15,000,000 per year.
  • Directed purchasing for maintenance parts and operating supplies for all facets of rice mill and soybean processing plants.
  • Evaluated equipment to determine the best and most cost effective machinery for the application.


Expert Witness

  • Patent infringement review and defense.

  • Equipment design and installation review and defense.
  • Product contamination and degradation review and defense.
  • Contract dispute mediation and litigation.
  • Product Liability review and defense.
  • Grain & Food Quality Issues.
  • Industrial safety defense.
  • Control Systems Issues and defense.


 Energy Management

  • Conducted energy audits to verify electric rate plans.
  • Installed automated demand control and power factor improvements equipment.
  • Procured natural gas for several plants.
  • Natural gas audits to conserve on waste streams, flu gas, economizers.