Feasibility Studies, Grant Applications

  • Feasibility studies for process applications, startup ventures, new product development.
  • Contacts with major private and public institutions and associates for grant applications.
  • Work with USDA, Regional Delta Authority, State and local authorities to apply for grants and loan assistance on new and existing plants.
  • Business relationships with individuals with vast experience in business value assessment, strategic planning, and organizational reviews.


Rice Farm Development

  • Farm design
  • Rice variety selection and development
  • Agronomic input planning
  • Farm operation management training
  • Farm construction


Rice Milling

  • White rice milling flow design
  • Brown rice production flow design
  • Parboiled rice milling flow design
  • Facilities design
  • Equipment selection
  • Yields enhancement
  • Air pollution control system design
  • Plant automation design



  • Product characteristic development
  • Process flow design
  • Pre-cleaning system design
  • Equipment design
  • Wastewater treatment design
  • Plant automation design
  • Yield enhancement
  • Boiler heat recovery
  • Wastewater heat recovery
  • Efficient water heater designs


Rough Rice

  • Drying systems selection and design
  • Storage systems selection and design
  • Storage management design
  • Quality preservation systems design



  • Product protection systems design
  • Packaging equipment selection
  • System automation design
  • Warehouse design and management


Specialty Rice Processing

  • Rice flour production systems design
  • Rice cake production systems design
  • Quick cooking rice production systems design
  • Instant Rice
  • Extruded instant rice
  • Extruded rice snacks


Rice By-Products Processing

  • Stabilized Rice Bran systems design
  • Rice Bran oil extraction plant design
  • Rice hull burning / co-generation plant design
  • Rice hull grinding systems design
  • Animal feed formulation and pelleting systems design
  • Specialty silica production from rice hulls 


Oil Seeds Processing

  • Preparation plant design
  • Extraction plant design
  • Meal handling / storage design
  • Oil refinery design
  • Bleaching system design
  • Hydrogenation system design
  • Deodorization system design
  • Oil Packaging system design
  • Winterization system design
  • Extrusion plant design


Soybean Lecithin

  • Lecithin degumming system design
  • Lecithin de-oiling system design


Plant Operations / Management Systems

  • Safety Program design
  • Quality control program design
  • Pest control protection design
  • Laboratory equipment selection
  • Product protection program design
  • Operation manuals development
  • Operator training
  • Management systems design
  • Productivity audits
  • Startup assistance
  • Cost control audits
  • Benchmarking studies


Energy Management

  • Energy audits (electricity and natural gas)
  • Electrical demand control system design
  • Power factor improvement services
  • Natural gas procurement services
  • Electricity


Expert Witness

  • Food safety issues
  • Product contamination
  • Contract negotiations
  • Purchasing system design
  • Structural Analysis & Failures
  • Equipment design and placement
  • Industrial & Farm accidents
  • Product liability
  • Grain & Food quality issues
  • Industrial safety issues
  • Patent infringement issues
  • Electrocution cases
  • Explosion cases
  • Agricultural engineering cases
  • Electrical fire cases
  • Control systems issues


Wastewater Treatment

  • Multiple installations of heat recovery systems for wastewater streams in parboil processing plants
  • Ceramic micro-filtration on wastewater stream for instant rice plant
  • Closed system evaporation systems on wastewater streams for instant rice plant



  • Turnkey design and supply of bio-diesel production plants
  • Manufacturing of bio-diesel production plants
  • Management of bio-diesel construction projects
  • Management of bio-diesel plant operations
  • Procurement of feedstock and sales of bio-diesel


Corn Ethanol

  • Turnkey design and supply of corn fractionation systems
  • Turnkey design and supply of sonic process enhancement systems
  • Engineering and management of biomass energy systems
  • Engineering and management of ethanol plant optimization projects